Friday, February 19, 2010

Crystal Bowersox in Jazzy

Isn't she so pretty?

Photographer: Nicky Watts
Musician: Crystal Bowersox
Chicago, IL

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crystal Bowersox and her Blanket

Photographer: Nicky Watts
Musician: Crystal Bowersox
Chicago, IL

Crystal Bowersox and Frank May

Photographer: Nicky Watts
Musicians: Crystal Bowersox and Frank May
Location: Oak Harbor, Ohio
Nov. 2009

Its really sort of a photo idea because I would like to recreate it again some day. I have an image in my head and this got down the idea, but didn't complete the image. This was on a whim and the next one will have a bit more production put into it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been organizing my hard drives the last two days and will be posting some old work that I've found over the next week or so. Its really exciting to be looking at old working and seeing how much Nicky Watts Studios has accomplished over the last 5 years. Stay tuned for photos!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Direction for The Adventures of Nicky Watts!

I'm very excited. There will be a change in this blog. It will still revolve around my art experiences and business experiences, but Wear Recycle has been taken out of it so that it can focus more on the ways that the business works and what not.

I might critique some stuff, teach some stuff, describe situations, and document my non Wear Recycle shoots. Possibilities are endless!

My mission right now is to learn how to cold call. Well obviously not right now, but tomorrow.

Good night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wear Recycle Final Description, update

OK. I had allowed myself to get distracted the last couple months, but in the last two weeks I have regained momentum.

I have refocused and cut out all the distractions that were getting in my way! Last week I started asking for money for Wear Recycle. My mission: $70,000 in three months. Then another $80,000 three months after that. Exhausting yes, but I know what the mission of Wear Recycle is now. Here's the description, it will explain a lot.


Wear Recycle is a series of international art exhibits that utilize recycled paper as a medium to explore the interconnectedness of relationships. Through constructing sculptures with recycled paper that are photographed in a style that mirrors fashion photography, Wear Recycle brings celebrity, art and everyday people together to encourage responsible reuse of wasteful material.

Each sculpture begins with a cast of a participant’s body part and is later adjoined with a sculpture built of recycled paper. The process of casting crosses intimate physical boundaries and thus allows for organic communication to exist between Watts and her selected participants.

Watts independently builds each sculpture and connects sculpture with participant for the purpose of a photo shoot. In each country a local make up artist and hair stylist is hired in order to create a secondary opportunity to observe the development of human communication through extended work relationships.

Wear Recycle consists of six exhibits. Five of the exhibits will be in five different countries and include approximately twenty photographs printed on recycled paper and the associated sculpted work encased in custom plexi-glass cases. The final exhibition will showcase work from each of the previous shows and will coincide with the publication of a multi-lingual book showcasing the art and describing Watts’ experiences with her participants, teams, and the art itself.

The countries and the dates of their exhibitions are:
• United States: January 2010
• Brazil: November 2010
• Philippines: Aug 2011
• India: May 2012
• Italy: February 2013
• Closing Exhibition and book publication: February 2014

Watts is currently seeking sponsorship. Attached is a breakdown of how you can benefit from your sponsorship, as well as what finances are needed to successfully complete Wear Recycle. Contact Watts at 702-416-6558 for more information.

This and the whole sponsorship letter took me a very long time to create, but it just went in for its second print phase today. I'm really excited!

I have received the first sponsor of $2000 from Kristina Arias. Once her logo is in hand I will make a post about her, but I have to reconnect with her. She is amazing, let me just tell you! Well, I don't want to spoil it all before her post, but she really is a warm spirit. Her website is

More happy news, Nicky Watts Studios' new website is very close to completion and the first page will go right to Wear Recycle! Exciting I know.

OK. Its 1:54 in the morning and I'm exhausted, I promise to update more often. Thanks for reading.


PS here are some photos I took yesterday:

sculptures on black (1 of 5) sculptures on black (2 of 5) sculptures on black (3 of 5) sculptures on black (4 of 5) sculptures on black (5 of 5)

They came out awesome!